These exclusive finds are distinguished by the following features:
- They had been manufactured in a workshop within the town of Vinichko Kale, which was confirmed by analysis of the clay from its vicinity 1.
- There are no doubts that they had been affixed on walls of some sacral structure, because the applied mortar has been preserved on some of them.
- Over 15 different scenes have been discovered so far, as well as replicas of some of them. Only 12 themes are identified.
- Form and size of the icons : rectangular 32x20x4 cm. and quadrate 32x28x4.5 cm. with slight deviations.

According to the iconographic analysis of the icons discovered so far, they can be classified as Old Testament scenes, illustrations of psalms, Christological symbols and figures of Christian saints. Stylistic features of tne Vinica icons have shown that they had been executed by casting in molds in technique of high relief, which gives exstraordinary plasticity to the expressive provincial art, where Roman artistic and stylistic standards have been abandoned in favour of local stylistic expression formed under the strong influence of the Orient.

The Vinica treasure of terracotta reliefs (icons) has shown exclusive mastership of the artist who employed all his creative potentials and fantasy in creating these art works.

All representations on the terracotta icons also bear Latin inscriptions executed in relief technique. They describe the scenes or figures with concise theological message. Texts on the icons are derived from particular religious services practiced according to the canon. Common feature of the Vinica icons is victory over the evil and death, as well as the triumph all the enemies of the faight.

Paleographic analysis points to absence of unique criterion in arranging the inscription around representations. Varied forms of letters may point to their having been executed by different masters.

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